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Why I Love the GHD Helios Blow Dryer for My Celebrity Clients

As a professional hairstylist, working with celebrity clients demands nothing short of excellence. Every tool in my kit needs to perform impeccably, and when it comes to blow drying, the GHD Helios is my ultimate go-to. This exceptional hair dryer has swiftly made a name for itself, garnering 10 prestigious awards, including the Allure Best of Beauty Award for Best Hair Dryer.

Here's why the GHD Helios has become indispensable in my styling routine.

The GHD Helios blow dryer stands out with its professional quality, designed to deliver faster, smoother, and shinier results. With a powerful airflow and contoured nozzle, this dryer ensures precise styling every time. Its ability to provide 30% more shine and achieve 3x more hair alignment means my clients leave the chair looking impeccable and red carpet-ready.

Lightweight and Ergonomically Designed

One of the standout features of the GHD Helios is its lightweight and ergonomically balanced design. Styling can be demanding on the wrists and arms, especially during long sessions, but the Helios ensures comfort and ease of use. Its bespoke acoustic system also ensures low sound levels, making the styling experience more pleasant for both my clients and me.

Advanced Technology for Superior Styling

The GHD Helios boasts a longer life, brushless motor, and Aeroprecis technology, which allows for an incredibly efficient and precise blow-dry. The bespoke contoured nozzle directs the airflow exactly where it’s needed, drastically reducing blow-dry time. This is crucial when preparing clients for events where every minute counts. Additionally, the 9 ft. power cable offers flexibility and freedom of movement.

Award-Winning Excellence

The accolades speak for themselves. The GHD Helios has been recognized by industry experts, securing 10 awards to date. Such recognition underscores its superior quality and performance, giving me confidence that I'm using one of the best tools available.

The GHD Helios blow dryer is more than just a styling tool; it's a game-changer in the world of professional hair care. Its blend of advanced technology, ergonomic design, and exceptional performance makes it an invaluable asset in my toolkit. Whether I’m styling for a photoshoot, red carpet event, or an exclusive interview, the Helios ensures my clients always look their absolute best. If you're looking to elevate your blow-drying game to new heights, the GHD Helios is the perfect choice.

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